I’ve been an avid personal blogger since 2004, maintaining journals about my life and travels, but until now, I have not ventured into business blogging — that is, posting the images and stories of the people I photograph for a living.  I am so often moved by them that I have decided it is time to start sharing the photos in more than just the galleries of proofs that clients receive.  And so here, you will find tales of love, companionship, and the beauty of life, both in pictures and words.

I have recently returned from a three month trip to New Zealand, where I met many inspiring and generous people.  This was especially true in the town of Masterton, where I stayed for over a month between December and January.  I was kindly invited to a Christmas Day dinner by a friend of a friend, and there, I met the daughter of my hosts, Louise.

I had been focusing on landscape photography while travelling, but as soon as I saw Lou, I knew I had to ask to do a portrait session with her!  I was confident that her radiant blue eyes and wild dreads would make interesting focal points, besides the rest of her natural beauty.  She was surprised when I asked her to be my subject, claiming not to be photogenic — but everyone says that to me, to I’m well used to it.  ;-)   It didn’t take much to convince her otherwise, and a couple weeks later, we met up again.  An attractive location was easy, since her house is made of brick and surrounded by lush greenery.  Add in a shiny blue guitar, and we had all the right elements for a great shoot!

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