Hello all — I write to you from my new home of Kamloops! I made the ten hour drive between yesterday and today, and was happy to see no snow and green grass when I arrived. The Crowsnest Pass continued to accumulate the white stuff in the last week, even daring so much as to let one last storm roll in while I was packing my truck. One moment it was clear out, the next it was a whiteout! As I crossed the border into BC, it cleared up… I’m thinking I’ve made the right decision in moving. :)

Another reason I couldn’t wait to get here was so I would have a chance to work on the photos I took of a sweet baby girl a few days ago. Emilee is the pride and joy of Jamie and Matt, who I went to high school with in the Crowsnest Pass. Matt couldn’t get away from work before I was to leave town, so we decided to do the shoot mostly of Emilee and save the family portraits for later when everyone can be together. I did manage to sneak Jamie into a few of them, though!

Our other guest star was their pup “Diesel”, who is the best big brother Emilee could ask for! He’s been very good with her since she was born nearly four months ago, and wanted me to know that he’s the man of the house when Matt isn’t around. When Jamie and Emilee were sitting on the bed, he didn’t hesitate to jump up and join in the fun! He’s not supposed to be on the bed though, so after one quick shot, we shoo’d him off. That lasted all of two minutes while we got some closeups of Emilee burying her face in the blankets, and then he was wiggling his way back into the photos. This time it was too adorable to resist and I just had to get a few shots of them together before breaking them up again to save Jamie’s duvet from accumulating too many dog hairs. :P

Have a look at the slideshow of the images below, and click the link below it to see my favourite photos!

See the full gallery

Thank you to Jamie and Emilee for sharing a lovely afternoon with me. :)

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